Thursday, February 07, 2013

Gratitude First and Last

Have gratitude first. Don't wait for something to happen to feel grateful. Feel gratitude first and then look around at how many things you already have. Gratitude isn't a result of fortunate things magically showing up in your life. Gratitude is an attitude, a state of being, which when adopted illuminates all the magic that already exists in every day of your life.

Decide to be grateful today and everyday no matter what. Don't treat gratitude as a result you have to wait for. Adopt it as your natural way of thinking and being. Be grateful first thing each morning as you awaken to infinite possible blessings and teachings.

Then at the end of each day, be grateful for what the day brought. Be thankful for all you learned, all you did, all you have and all you are.

When we have gratitude no matter what then we are blessed no matter what. Let your life begin and end in gratitude.

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