Tuesday, March 19, 2013



I realized recently that much of The 100th Human and the Keys are about that moment of breakthrough. This moment fascinates me. It is that ah-ha moment when a new way, a new idea or a shift takes place in your consciousness and things are not the same afterwards. Each of the previous 8 Keys can open doorways within our hearts and minds to new opportunities for these types of breakthroughs. The final key accelerates the process illuminating several hurdles on our way to the transformations we seek. As we explore this process and these ideas we are empowered to chose the path toward breakthrough - the upward spiral leading to greater awareness, purpose, happiness and peace.

In the 100th human there was a final transformation for all mankind - a shift in consciousness that forever changed who we are - a global awakening. While this type of shift exits in our consciousness, the real shifts are within each of us, are usually not so global (though occasionally they may feel like it) and can happen as often as we are open to them.

Together we will explore this final Key which encapsulates so many ideas all at once that it was impossible for me to separate them. Forgiveness leads to and comes from deep Love. Reverence also springs forth from Love and security in that Love. Love itself, the true Power of the Universe, is not something we can pin down with a few words. It is a power beyond any language. It can only be felt, and its essence is pure Connection.

I was asked once why I didn't include Love as one of the Keys. The reason is because Love is the power behind every Key. It is the connection that leads us to our Purpose, it is the connection to God we discover when in Silence. It is the connection to Infinite Possibilities. It is the connection that reveals our Unity with all others and all things. It is the connection that reveals our true Identity. It is the connection to the moment providing real Freedom. It is the connection we feel when we are in a state of Gratitude. And here in the final Key - Transformation - We surrender into the Love and the connection we know when we Forgive. Love opens our hearts to see and revere the God in each of us. Love is the Power, the Connector and the Result. Love is all there is.

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