Key 1. Live on Purpose

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes
you come alive and do that. Because what the
world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman

Chapter: 31
Symbol: Handprint
Gatekeepers: Alice Cunningham and Sherman Fisher
Location: Esselen Indians Caves in Monterey County, CA

Live on Purpose. It means to live like you mean it AND to do what you are here to do.
The symbol for the first key is a simple hand print which serves to remind us that our personal mark on the world is important. The “print” we make and leave is something we should all discover, contemplate and pursue. In order to find out what that mark will be, we have to connect to the power that provides such answers.

“Not just a purpose, but your purpose. Every individual has certain talents, gifts, abilities, and viewpoints that are his or her own, and form a unique destiny. You’d be surprised by how many people do not have an idea of what they are here to do. Those who do know are often too afraid to follow through, or they just don’t think they can. There are many, many more people like this than there are people who know what their purpose is, what their contribution should be. Fewer yet get busy doing it. This is the most important question we can answer for ourselves: ‘Why am I here?’ ”
-- Chapter 31

Finding our purpose for being here should be our first priority no matter how old we are. Discovering our purpose and ways to live that purpose will definitely change our lives. There are many books that can guide us. I have listed a few below. However, the answers are within each of us. In order to hear the answers, we must listen to the spirit within.
Once we align our lives with our unique purpose, we will find life and work a happy prospect, adding direction, joy and hope to each and every day. Considering the ramifications of an entire society living on purpose, shouldn’t we make this a discovery that is as important as our other pursuits?

“When you are born, your work is placed in your heart.” - Kahlil Gibran

Asking the question, “Why am I here?” is the first step. Other helpful questions are: “What excites me?” “What gives me joy?” and “What holds my interest?” “What would I do with my life if I could not fail?” Do not dismiss any of your answers to these questions, explore them, even if they seem out of reach, scary or impossible. If you have a desire, within that desire is the energy, power and intelligence needed for it to grow, into a beautiful and enriched life. Follow your dreams! This is extremely important to shifting your consciousness and the consciousness of the whole planet.
Remember also, that your true purpose will always hold some aspect of service to others. We are not islands unto ourselves. We live communally whether we admit it or not. Your spirit is connected to the spirit of all life and therefore will always seek to serve that life.

Live on Purpose and experience how your mark can benefit others.
Be the 100th human!

Resource Books:

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

The Element – Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica

The Life You Were Born to Live – Dan Millman