Key 2. Embrace the Silence

“God’s one and only voice is Silence.” -Herman Melville

Chapter: 41
Symbol: Zero
Gatekeeper: Ram Srinivasan
Location: Salt Lake City Public Library, UT

The second key opens the door to meditation. Embrace the Silence can only come when we are able to end the constant chatter in our minds and connect to the field of infinite possibilities. The symbol for the second key is the number zero (0), demonstrating, that in the midst of the things we can define, is emptiness. The circle around nothing allows us to communicate the idea of zero. In the empty space is the silence where all is peaceful, possible and pre-manifest.

“The unified field is invisible, silent, without beginning or end. It is empty, yet all possibilities exist within it. You cannot divide it in any way, but all things are created from it. It is all places and no place at the same time. It is pure and in perfect balance. It is absent of all matter. It is invincible, infinite, yet extremely simple. Do these things remind you of what zero represents?”

“The void and infinity—everything and nothing—are basically two sides of the same coin,” Ram said. “The void is seen as nothing, yet in that void there exists all possibilities at one time. As soon as one thing comes into being, all other possibilities fall away. The void is zero. Can you see how ‘all possibilities’ is very close to ‘infinite’? Zero and infinite are equal and opposite. They are yin and yang, twin concepts that challenge us to expand our understanding of the universe, ourselves, and God.”
-- Chapter 41

Finding our purpose can come into focus when we connect to the field of all possibilities. Mechanisms that allow us such a connection are mindfulness and meditation. It is within the present moment, and the spaces between our actions and thought, that we find the voice of God. There is a knowingness in the silence, a knowingness we can access whenever we wish.

“Be still and know that I am God.” –Psalms 46:10

To find answers, knowingness, and power within nothingness seems paradoxical and perhaps it is. But just think for a moment of the state at which zero is. As soon as you add a number to zero, possibilities fall away and now you have a very definite and finite state. Add the number one (1) and you have one (1). One is most definitely now limited. The same goes with 2 or 3 or 20. But in the state of zero all of these numbers reside invisible and un-manifest- a potential to be called forth.
There is a vast quantity of current scientific data which proves the positive physiological, emotional and social affects of mindfulness and meditation. The results are quite astounding. Many such experiments proved how those meditating affected the physical symptoms of those around them. Others showed how the urban crime rate can be reduced by a focused group meditating in the area.
I encourage you to investigate for yourself how hearing the silence will change your life and our world. Results from meditation can be felt almost immediately. Regular practice will most certainly shift your consciousness and create a positive effect in your life.

Embrace the Silence and enter the realm of infinite possibilities.
Be the 100th human!

Resource Books:

Meditation for Beginners - Jack Kornfield

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