Key 3. Infinite Possibilities

“Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they are yours.” –Richard Bach

Chapter: 49
Symbol: Ouroboro or Lemniscus
Gatekeepers: Rene and Fritz
Location: Arches National Park, UT

The third key offers us insight into the infinite nature of the universe. Just contemplating the phrase Infinite Possibilities can alter your outlook on life.
There are two symbols for infinity; they are the ouroboro and the lemniscus. The ouroboro is an ancient symbol depicting a snake swallowing its own tail and forming a circle. The lemniscus (Latin for ribbon) looks like this: ∞, and is often the symbol used to represent infinity in mathematics. Each one of these symbols offers us a visual image for the never-ending renewal of life.
When studied, the building blocks of the universe—molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, etc., reveal to us amazing insights into the unified field that connects us all. During experiments, sub-atomic behavior is both perplexing and illuminating. It appears that the things that fill our lives and the universe are mostly just empty space. Additionally, our presence and perspectives in each experiment actually affect the outcome of that experiment. This means that true objectivity is a misnomer and our choices are quite relevant and important.

“These insights into the subatomic world prove that the universe is made up of endless possibilities. My personal experience, depending on which one of those possibilities enters my reality, is related to me and to my expectations as the observer. When and how these subatomic particles of matter perform their dance of emergence is directly related to how and when I observe them.”

“Matter is more like thoughts, tendencies, bits of information—consciousness actually, and it is directly connected to our consciousness. We think we have no choice regarding the direction or circumstances of our lives. We are conditioned this way. We believe that the world out there is separate from us in here,”

“The universe is a sea of possibilities. Once those possibilities become matter, or solid, in that instant, they are now known and therefore limited. The nature of the universe is unlimited, just as the unified field is unlimited.”
-- Chapter 49

Do you ever wonder why the same problems seem to come into our lives over and over again? We often fill our lives with the same things, because we allow the same thoughts to continually repeat in our heads and in our hearts. We believe things, we accept things, we repeat things and we limit things. We have to open our hearts and minds to infinite possibilities.

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” 
--Albert Einstein

The third key gives us hope and hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. That is because hope dwells within the unified field, which is all around us in all that empty space.
Take the time to mindful of the thoughts that parade through your mind each and every day and work to replace them with new and more constructive thoughts. Remember your thoughts count.

Open your mind to Infinite Possibilities.
Be the 100th human!

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