Thursday, January 31, 2013


One of the hardest things to be grateful for is our challenges in life. We naturally want to avoid challenges, trials and difficulties. As parents we want our children to have an easy time of growing up. We only want those people around us that are complimentary and easy to get along with.

But it is the challenges that teach us the most. It is the trails that give us opportunity to become stronger more resilient human beings. It's those really difficult people that can make us think, cause us to define our objections and become more clear on who we are and what we will stand for.

Our responses to challenges and trials are what defines us. When we persevere and overcome we know our capacity and our worth. We should be very grateful for all the difficulties we have experienced for they have chance to become who we are.

When we are in the middle of difficult moments, it is hard to be grateful for them. But once we are on the other side, have overcome, we should reflect and allow gratitude to be part of our response and our process.

We shouldn't go looking for challenges, but when they come our way, we should see them as what they are: opportunities for growth. And growth is something to be grateful for!

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