Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Screw the facts, I am free to believe

We often feel that we are not free, that we are born by and to our circumstances. We feel constrained, limited, bound, tied up, wrapped up and held down. But it is not the truth. This is a mindset that is outside of the moment, outside of now. It is like taking a bad thought and wrapping your whole world in it. 

We will even argue for our limitations. 'Look at my life, see how I have no money, no love, no support, no options, no place, no education, no experience, no... Look at the facts." 

"Screw the facts! We are free to believe." What we believe today changes tomorrow. What we experience today comes from yesterday's beliefs. Yes, we are responsible to change our lives, our circumstance, the outcome, our future! It is a hard reality. But it is true. We are responsible to change our lives. And unfortunately, we can’t do that by observing the facts. We have to change our minds and believe in something better than what the facts present us.

We are free to believe; we must affirm and know that we are free to believe, even when we do not feel that we are. We must believe even when the facts contradict our beliefs. Remember the facts are the creation, not the Creator. The facts are remnants of yesterday, reflections of ideas, thoughts and beliefs gone by. We can change tomorrow by believing Now that we are different. That we are bigger, better; that we have enough! We can change everything by dismissing the facts and thinking and feeling a different reality now, in this very moment. Not in the future, but now. We are now – we are thinking now, we are feeling now. In this moment what would you choose to think, feel and be? 

But what if my circumstances do not change? First, that is impossible. If you change, your circumstances also must. This is the law of the Universe. This law is more certain than gravity. But even if it were not a law, even if absolutely nothing on the outside changed, but you did change on the inside; would that now be a better? Would it not be better than continuing to reside in hopelessness and despair or drifting aimlessly without direction and joy? 

Life always changes, it must. It evolves, it expands, it grows. As we change we change Life. So forget about the facts, feel what you want to feel right now, in this very moment. And keep feeling it until your circumstances line up with your feelings. It will happen and in the meantime you are happy now, joyful now, peaceful now and living a life worth living. . . Now.

We are always free to believe!

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