Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Being is always Now, Now is always Free

Now is free, carrying the past can cost us. Now is where our options are, where and when we are free to make choices that can change how we think, what we feel and what the day will become. 

Being is a state of mind of thought of living. In Being you can find the strength to seize the day.

Fear is a warden, keeping us bound to the past or an unknown and an unreal future. Fear is a thief; stealing our joy and peace. Fear is our death; making life un-livable.

But present moment awareness liberates. In this moment we are always free to think and feel something different. Now is always free. Bring your awareness to Now. Think and feel the infinite choices that surround you in this moment. Infinite thoughts and feelings are yours to choose from in this moment. 

If you can think of anything you want, in this moment, what would it be? 

Being is Now, Now is Free.

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