Monday, October 08, 2012

Remember Freedom

Be freedom to be free. 

Freedom is a natural state that we have forgotten in the myriad of things humanity has forgotten. In a world defined by our sacrifice to the gods of things, appearances and ego; we have lost our understanding of true freedom. 

All the rest of nature is free. Birds fly where they will, eat what comes naturally, sleep in beds nature provides. All of nature knows and understands its true and free nature. Only man believes he is bound. But these bonds are man-made - social bonds, family bonds, and national bonds. We don't have to fight to break free of them. We simply have to remember who and what we are. 

To do this, we have but to think: 'If I were free, truly free, how would I feel? How would I think? What would I do?' Then we simply think, feel and do those things now in this moment. Be freedom to be free. 

Imagine that Freedom is a beautiful cloak; put it on, let yourself sink into its warmth. Freedom is a state of mind, a state of being. In order to be free; we must BE Freedom. 

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