Tuesday, October 09, 2012

With freedom comes responsibility

Freedom isn't always easy, though it is our natural state; it is not one that we are used to. Freedom thinking and feeling requires discipline of mind, consistency of will, and commitment of spirit. 

A Course in Miracles says: "Infinite patience yields immediate results."  Infinite patience means that you have no doubt in the outcome because you are already the outcome. 

As we become free, we are responsible to share, give and grow that freedom. As we understand who we are, we also realize our connection to everyone else. We are all free together. 

Freedom has no limit, it is an infinite resource. 

To know freedom is to be free. To be free is to live a free existence, understanding that this infinite resource belongs to all, as all are free. Once we have found the keys within ourselves, we are responsible to toss the keys to those who think they are bound.

When freedom is realized, we give freedom back.

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