Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Strongest Force

"The strongest force in the Universe is a human being living consistently with his identity." - Tony Robbins

This quote means that how you identify yourself dictates how you act and how you react. Your identity is your life. It defines your emotions, your perspective and your attitudes. 

What Tony Robbins is saying is that your response to life will always be aligned with who you define yourself to be. If you are unsure of how you define yourself, you have but to look at your life. Your life will mirror your identity.

This is a daunting realization, but it is also an empowering one, because your identity is changeable. You weren't born with the identity you now assume. It was something that you developed over time. It can and must change if you want to change your life; if you want to know joy and peace; if you want to live your dreams, and if you want to become your full potential - the creator you truly are.

Take some time to think about how you define yourself. Meditate on your identity. Use the clues that your life presents to see areas that need improvement and change. 

Listen to what you say. We often say things like: "I always...." or "I never." Whenever you begin a sentence with I ... or I am ... you are about to receive clear clues about how you identify yourself.

Once you are aware of your current identity, you can begin to retrain yourself. There is much more to come on identity, but remember who you are not and also that you are the Creator not the creation. 

Some would argue that love is the strongest force in the Universe, and there are probably many other ideas as well. But as you are the center of your world; how you define yourself would be the strongest force! Do not take this lightly. Your quality of your life depends upon it!

Be correctly Identified!

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