Monday, August 20, 2012

We are Creators, Not Creations.

Creations are not the point. You may ask: "What is the point?" The point of life is to remember who we are. To connect to the part of us that is the Creator. To find that link inside oneself and let it expand into our entire being until it is all of who we are.

The creations are little (or big) desires that bubble up within your consciousness to drive us. They are motivators. But the results are not the payoff. The act of creating is the payoff. The realization that we can and do create is the payoff. The creations, the things we create will never satisfy us. They will never fill our hearts and souls. And we can not take them with us when we die. They are temporal, static events that are simple byproducts of being a Creator. 

What we create is only a reflection. When we stare at a still pond and see our reflection, we can understand the relationship between the creator and the creation. The reflection is only the image, not the real thing, If someone comes along and throws a rock into the pond, does it hurt you?  No. The water ripples, but we remain unharmed. The reflection will return to the true state if we wait. Who we truly are remains untouched. Often we move our identity into the creation; the reflection. When we do this, we assume separation. Separation from our true selves causes fear, pain, disease, unhappiness and death. We become as static, unmoving, and powerless as the creation. We must keep our awareness of who we are, and move back to our true being.

Understanding and assuming who we are is what satisfies us. It is what will fill our lives with happiness, peace and joy. As we awaken to our true nature, life rises to a whole new level. As we add this awareness to our life, as it fills us, it changes us. It expands our life in more ways than we can imagine. 

Once we are focused on our true nature, then creating all those things takes on a completely different perspective. Some things will loose their appeal altogether. Other desires will simply become fun to create and then we will give them away. Still others might remain, but their importance will never usurp the real point: to be who we are – a Creator!

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