Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Change Your Identity

"Your higher self is a piece of an all loving, all embracing creative source. It resides within you. It is you. Align yourself with this divine essence; begin to act like it acts and think like it thinks. Give your Divine Nature a chance. Befriend that spark, consult it frequently, nurture it, pay close attention to it, believe in it, and practice describing yourself first as a spiritual being, one who lives as frequently as possible from this all loving, all giving, all joyful place called your higher self." – Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled

Creative Source = Creator. All loving, all embracing = without fear. Resides within you = your true Identity. It is you!

In this moment, how would my divine nature act; how would it think? 

Awareness is always the first step to change. We can not change what we are unaware of. As we become aware of our true self, we can become more identified with it. 

Believe in it. There will be moments when we are not sure that we truly have a divine self. This is when we must cling to our belief. We must not let go. We must raise up, move our body, change our mental and emotional state through our environment and shift our bodies. All the while, we cling to our belief in our higher self. Do not let go. Reality is such that our divine nature never releases us, we simply forget it exists. We abandon it and in its place we put a static shell of an Identity, who is fearful and limited.

Take heart and believe through the trial, in the reality of your diving nature - the all loving, all giving, all joyful place - your true Identity!

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