Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remember your Higher Self

Remember that you have a higher self who is one with the Divine. God would not say I am unhappy or I am miserable. The Divine understands its connection to love, joy and fulfillment. The Divine understands the power of thought and identity. "I am that I am."

Align with your divine self and set in motion the power of your Identity. Only use the words and thoughts of 'I AM' to create connection, love, joy and fulfillment in your being; and in your life. When you use 'I am' in this way you access the fathomless mind of God. You become one with your Creative Source. You become the Creator of your self and thus your life.

Identity is malleable. Who do you choose to emulate, to be? Take your power away from unpleasant conditions and put all your consciousness into who you truly are. As you do this you shift your Identity to align with your Higher Self.

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