Monday, August 27, 2012

Assuming a New Identity

The dictionary says to assume is to take upon oneself, to undertake, to adopt or to take over the duties and responsibilities of.

To assume your true identity is to take upon yourself the attributes of your highest good (God); to take on the duties and responsibilities for your happiness, joy, contentment and peace. To undertake these you must assume them to be yours.

"What you desire already exists. It is excluded from view because you can see only your own consciousness. It is not the world but your assumptions of (yourself) that must change.” – Neville

Assume yourself to be who you wish to be from the infinite nature of God. Assumptions determine our experience. We have to watch them with all diligence. We are not assuming our true nature by daydreaming of the future, longing to see it come to pass. We have to be that future person now, assuming that person, being present in that reality now. We must feel it now, be it now.

Since consciousness is everything, we have to expand our awareness of who we are. In order to do this we have to utilize our most powerful tool: imagination. As we imagine ourselves to be different, we set in motion the forces of change within our being.

What would make me happy? What desires do I hold in my heart? What would give me contentment and peace?

Think on these things. Imagine these things. The word imagination comes from the word fantasy, which in Middle English literally means making an idea visible. Our imagination is powerful and is directly tied to our assuming a new identity, and thus a new life.

Once you can imagine the life you want, begin to imagine yourself in that life. Begin to look out from the inside of it, not from the outside. This exercise in the use of imagination and assumption will be powerful and illuminating.

No matter the distractions of the outer "reality," stay with your imagined life, in the moment now. Cling to your imagined self. In time, this identity will become who you are and your imagined world will become your world. Remember that the outside is only a reflection of the inside. This is how you change the outside: assume who you want to be, and the life you want to lead, Now!

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