Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being not Yearning

To long for something is to admit that it is not true now. To say or think I will be, is to admit that I am not. The stronger thoughts and emotions always win out over the weaker thoughts and emotions. 'I am' is always stronger than 'I will be.' To say I will be, you feed your subconscious with the continual message that I am not.

"The end of yearning is to be." (Neville) The only way to drive the old unwanted concept of yourself out of your consciousness is the invite another one in to take its place. When we assume the attributes, thoughts and feelings of a higher ideal, and we assume it to be so now, not in the future, we transform ourselves. When we change, when who we are changes, so do our circumstances.

When we spend time daydreaming of something we want, yearning for a change to happen to us, we simply substantiate that these things are not true in our lives. We bolster the idea (and feelings) that we are not that person. We are using our creative energy to reinforce the current state of being (identity) and associated circumstances.

We must instead imagine a new idea for ourselves and our lives and assume those thoughts and feelings of ourselves immediately, in the present moment. Like a cloak, we should put on the new identity and stare out from it, seeing and feeling our world differently. In this way, we become new, now in this moment. As we persist in wearing the new identity, we become it, until the old one is run out of our consciousness.

Do not yearn to change. Do not yearn for your circumstances to change or for some new thing or person to enter your life to make everything better. Everything changes from within first. Change who you are and you change everything. Change who you are, to be more like your Infinite Being, and you change the world into a better place.

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