Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reconceptualizing Self

"If a man’s concept of himself were different everything in his life would be different. His concept of himself, being as it is, everything in his life must be as it is." – Neville

While our true being may be infinite, through our concept of our self, we display a limited aspect of our being. When we have internal thoughts and beliefs that are positive and unlimited, our lives become positive and unlimited. The opposite is also true.

An acorn does not grow a peach tree. When it sprouts, it will become an oak tree every single time. It is confident in that truth - its clear about its identity. What you are on the inside will show on the outside. ‘You shall know them by their fruit.’(Matthew 7:16)

As we look around at our lives, we can see the concept of ourselves shining through. We can spend a lot of time analyzing what this outcome and what that circumstance tells us about ourselves. Or, and this is what I recommend, we can spend that time and energy by first defining the new outcomes and circumstances we want to experience outwardly and decide who we need to become for that to be true. We have to be really clear, not general or vague about what kinds of changes we wish to experience.

The next step is to ask ourselves, if that were true, how would I feel? How would I act? How would I live? The final step is to feel, act and live like that now. Until we have changed who we are, our life can not change. Remember, it is always an inside job.

It takes determination and work. I am amazed at how habitual our daily emotions and states seem to be. We all have fall-back emotional states that we live in everyday. We have been living from these emotional and psychological states for so long that we hardly notice them at all, until we want to change them that is. But it can be done and it must be done if we want to proactively create the life we want.

Take the time, it is worth it. To know peace, joy and happiness, one must become peace, joy and happiness. There is no path to these things, they are the path. Begin now to reconceptualize yourself as peaceful, joyful and happy!

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