Thursday, June 28, 2012

This moment is as it should be

If we can own the present moment -- ourselves, our current relationships, our triumphs as well as our mistakes; we can chose a different future. With that ownership comes responsibility; and with responsibility comes power.

We can seek to change the future, but we must simply accept the now. If we fight against what is right now, in this moment; we fight against everything that has led us to this moment. Our past -- all the interconnected circumstances, events, relationships and decisions that have intertwined and overlapped, creating us in this moment in time. All the people and problems, all the loves and losses, all the miracles and mistakes have made us who we are now. They have created us in this space in this time. This moment is as it should be. If we can not accept who and where we are – the reality of now; we fight against the whole universe. This is a huge waste of energy.

It is far better to save your energy for creating a different tomorrow.

In order for us to see infinite possibilities, we must accept the Now. In order to choose from the infinite possibilities for our future; we must first take responsibility for now.

Accept Now, intend the Future.

Special thanks to Deepak Chopra for helping me understand this.

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