Monday, June 25, 2012

Possible Identities

You can’t embrace infinite possibilities without addressing Identity (the 5th key). It turns out that we have everything to do with the circumstances of our lives. Deepak Chopra said it this way, “The Universe reflects consciousness,” or “The events in your life reflect who you are.” Quantum mechanics calls it the “observer effect,” meaning, you can’t separate the outcome of the experiment from the observer of the experiment. Complete objectivity is impossible. What we think, how we respond, what we anticipate and who we are; all influence the outcome.

If we want to change the set of possibilities, and circumstances, that show up in our lives consistently; we must change who we are. The extent of the identity change needed would depend on how dramatically we want to change the circumstances in our lives.

Neurobiology tells us that our identities are created over time. Repeated focus in thoughts and attitudes create deep neural pathways in our brains. These pathways become our thoughts, emotions and attitudes of choice. So when something happens we automatically respond along the lines of those same thoughts, emotions and attitudes. Also, these same emotions create chemicals in our brains that are sent out to our cells and our cells become accustom to receiving them. This pattern becomes so ingrained in our bodies that our cells stop creating receptors for any other chemicals. They are conditioned for a limited set of chemicals which are produced by a limited set of thoughts, attitudes and emotions. These chemicals produce a limited external outcome.

To change this limited possibilities cycle: thoughts-attitudes-emotions-chemicals-cell receptors-physical outcome, we have to change who we are. We have to change our thoughts – repeatedly. Focusing on what thoughts create a different attitude and set of emotions. What thoughts would I have to think in order to feel compassion, or gratitude, or peace? When I am feeling compassion, gratitude and peace, what would I need to think in order to feel it again? If I were the type of person that was very happy and successful; what types of emotions would I feel consistently? What would I need to think in order to generate those emotions? How can I think those things now?

These are the questions we must get to in order to experience unlimited possibilities.

If we want to change our world, we have to first change ourselves. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

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