Thursday, July 05, 2012

What does “Infinite Possibilities" really mean?

It means you could have that house. You could have that job. You can be happy.

It means you can lose that weight. You can heal yourself. You can feel great.

It means you can have a deep and abiding relationship. You can enjoy life. You can love again.

It means your children can be healthy and happy. It means you can have peace.

It means you can be a best selling author. You can get that promotion. You can graduate or get that advanced degree. You can go back to school. You can become a movie producer, a television personality, or a rock star. You can become a farmer or an electrician, a nurse, a fireman, or a teacher. You can achieve your dreams. You can be successful.

It means you can become enlightened. You can change. You can learn. You can understand.

Infinite Possibilities also means the opposite of all these things: You can be stuck, unhappy, destitute, in turmoil, experience heartbreak, failure and death.

It also means every variation in between the extremes, which is where most of us live. We are sometimes happy and occasionally at peace. We find moments of love and spurts of success.

But living in a world of Infinite Possibilities means you are not as stuck as you might think. You can learn how to make a different choice for yourself and for your life.

So, in a world of Infinite Possibilities, what can and will your experience be?

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