Thursday, February 02, 2012

Join in service

Our true Purpose in Life will always include an aspect of service to others, to the planet and to the life that we share. When we feel the desire to be and do something, we must look deeply into our motivation. Acquiring things will never satisfy us, but deeds that give back can. When we look into what actions, tasks and jobs we chose to perform in life, we should look for places where we can help others.

Many will say, ‘my job doesn’t help anyone, including me. It is just a paycheck.’ But I believe even in the most mundane of tasks, even in a job we may hate, we can find a way to serve others or the planet. We so often want to change the circumstances or leave the situation entirely. But when we do this, we can set ourselves on a path of continual change without peace. We must be willing to do the thing we do not want to do.

If we can accept the present for what it is, we can find not only the best way to change it, but we can also see how we can serve here and now. When we see and serve in the present, we change the whole dynamic of the situation; which will naturally change our experience and that of those around us.
We must also recognize and accept our connection to each other, and how much we need each other to flourish. As we commit to serve each other, we see our Purpose come into focus. ‘How can I help my family, my neighborhood, and my community?’ ‘Will this thing I want to pursue serve others too?’ ‘Will my actions this day, this moment, offer kindness or self-righteousness?’ Remember, it is better to be kind than to be right.

We can not change the past, and the future is yet to be, but in this moment we can change ourselves. If each of us will chose in this moment, to be of service to each other and to the planet, we can find flashes of happiness and we can see our personal experiences begin to shift. Over time our whole world can transform before our very eyes.

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