Thursday, January 26, 2012


Which job should I take? Which career path should I follow? Which life choice should I make?

We often get stuck in indecision. There are two things about decisions, even big life decisions:

1. There are no wrong decisions. There isn’t some grand and detailed plan, that if we take the wrong path, we will screw up our whole life. There isn’t a place where it is all written down for us to find and follow. There is only what we feel and what we learn along the way. If our intentions are honest, compassionate, and open to learning more, we cannot go wrong. This does not mean that we will not feel pain, or suffer loss. Life flows in and out of pain and loss, bliss and suffering. But nothing is permanent. We must accept that, whichever path we take, life will give us portions of each. Proceed mindfully. If we are present in each moment, we are better able to make course corrections along the way.

2. Though there are no wrong decisions, there are those that may optimize our experience in this life. In order to make a good decision for me now, I have to be present in the moment to recognize any clues that my inner being might be telling me about which path to take. We must not blindly walk through our life as if on auto-pilot, but come to the present and take the power back into ourselves.
If we are present, and feel no clear direction, we should stay with it for a little while. But we must not allow indecision to take root in our life. Make a choice – a mindful, thoughtful choice forward. Pick. We set our intentions to be honest, compassionate and open to learning and growing more each day. Then we step forward into life.

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