Monday, February 06, 2012

Life of Discipline

Practice and patience are required to master anything, even your Purpose.

So you find the thing you were meant to do. You find your Purpose; your true vocation, your dharma – the work of your soul. You are excited and motivated. But over time, you slack off, you procrastinate, you do not do the thing you love and want to do.

This happens to most of us, because even our Purpose in life requires discipline. We must practice our purpose. We must exercise and train our minds and actions to create habits that are in alignment with what we know we want in life. Just because we find our purpose, does not mean it will be easy. We still must rise early, work hard and extend ourselves. But it is so worth our effort.

Often what gets in our way is doubt and fear. Will this work? Will it pay off? Will it help others? Am I good enough? Can I succeed? What if I cannot?

Discipline comes in when our doubts and fears become too loud in our minds. Discipline of mind, allows us to push the doubts on through our minds and return to the feelings and thoughts of Purpose. “I must do my souls work and do it like I mean it.”

Without discipline of mind, we spend too much time wrestling with fear and doubt. With discipline of mind, we learn to let the doubts and fears move through, not fighting them, but releasing them to leave our being. If we fight them, we have invited them to stay for the struggle. Discipline is required to release them and return to task at hand, the task of Living on Purpose.

When doubts and fears come uninvited through the front door of your mind, do not engage with them. Do not ask them why they have come. Do not berate yourself for allowing them to enter, for not barring the door, for unexpectantly finding them in your mind. Do not worry that they have come back again and again. Just calmly and firmly walk them though to the back door and send them on their way.

In order to maintain your focus and a Life on Purpose you must use discipline of mind. Discipline of mind comes with mindful practice. 

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