Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reset to Purpose

I ask myself each morning, “What does living on purpose mean to me?” And each morning I find another facet to a life on purpose.

I often feel that my week takes on an intensity of work, responsibility and busyness that needs to be reset on weekends. There is a reset that nature gives that is unlike any other. Being outdoors and moving your body through elements in nature – air, earth, and water, can reset your cells in a way nothing else can. In my part of the world it is cold and windy this January, so I have to bundle up to be outdoors with any comfort. But even bundled, the reset occurs. For me, I have found that any type of outdoor labor that connects me to nature - such as stacking wood for the fire, hauling water for the animals, digging dirt or moving mulch to protect the spring bulbs, trimming tress, shoveling snow, all reset my body in mysterious and powerful ways. If you have children, encourage them to bundle up and go outside to breathe and to play. Take a walk or run or go sledding. Just be outdoors.

When you reset your body and connect to nature in these ways, you can find yourself rejuvenated, your mind cleared and your sense of purpose renewed. You live on planet Earth. Connect to her. When you do, your Life and Purpose can come into focus.

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