Monday, January 09, 2012

Your Handprint, Your Life

The Live on Purpose key is symbolized by a handprint – your handprint, my handprint. My handprint is my unique mark on the world. We must ask ourselves: What is my mark?’ How am I touching the world? How am I touching others?

Handprints are uniquely individual; this lends authenticity to the symbol. Am I being myself? Am I coming from my authentic self? Am I interacting from my soul?

In order to know the answers to these questions, we must be able to go inside of ourselves and listen. Only when we are willing to face and be with our inner self, can we know and present to the world our real purpose.

This is not a once-and-done exercise, but a daily mediation, a daily practice of connecting inside and connecting outside of ourselves. I love how Amit Goswami described it: “do, be, do, be, do.”

Connect inside to know and better connect outside, with others and with life. As we get better at this process, as we learn to Live on Purpose, we shift our consciousness; we shift our lives.

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