Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Breakdown to Breakthrough?

Important letter regarding December 21, 2012:

Dear friends and family,

Today, as hurricane Sandy threatens the eastern seaboard and the entire Northeast I reflect on the letter that I wrote last week from a beach on Kiawah Island SC while on a family vacation. No matter what happens in the months ahead, I knew that those waves would still continue to come ashore, but I didn't imagine how fast or how hard. I knew the sun would continue to shine brightly but I didn't know it would take a week hiatus while giving leeway to a 500 mile diameter monster storm. And I knew the sand would still move in and out with the tides, but I didn't realize that much of that sand would find its way miles inland. Life as we humans know it may be about to forever change. Is hurricane Sandy simply a storm for the record books or one more marker on our road to transformation?

In the six years since, I wrote "the 100th human" I have not once given a single grave prediction regarding 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. As a matter of fact, I have often said that we have not decided our fate as yet, and that the future is what we make of it. I have reiterated time and again that we shouldn't wait for 12.21.12 to wake up; we can do it now. In the story "the 100th human" the Mayan end-date brought a beautiful and relatively easy transformation for the people and the earth.

However, as Lao Tsu recently reminded me, "New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." In my investigations lately, I have read about the rising of temperatures, oceans and population and the incidence of drought, poverty, and unemployment increasing. The effects of Climate Change are snowballing, as is the effects of our collective unconsciousness. I have read the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) on solar activity, solar storms and the potential for another Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) equaling a "Carrington Event." (The solar super-storm of 1859 that if happened today would take out power transformers and cripple most of the electric-dependent world for years.) The Washington Post reported just three days ago, that the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) said, 'its current standards have a "reliability gap' and 'do not adequately address vulnerabilities' from the so-called geomagnetic storms."

I have watched and felt the absurdity of our western lives become even more glaringly obvious to myself and those around me. And I have searched my heart for what I believe is real and true and what needs to happen to and for humanity and our planet to reach a point - the tipping point - the moment we shift our consciousness. I am more convinced than ever that we are about to experience a State Change like we have never known. But it might not be so gentle or so easy. It will affect every aspect of our lives: social, environmental, spiritual and physical. It is the physical effects that most will find so difficult to manage.

The reality is that this "modern" way of life is not sustainable for the population of the planet. We have known this for sometime but have not changed course enough to diffuse a cataclysmic transition. State Changes are tumultuous times. Think about when water boils to turn from the state of a liquid to a gas. The heat is high, the particles move faster and faster and at the moment when the actual state change happens - both states are equally present, spinning in and around each other, crashing and careening off each other. It is messy and it is unpredictable. That is what it feels like for our society, our safety and our sustainability right now. The real threat may well be a permanent loss of electricity from solar radiation. Will that happen on December 21, 2012? Or will the winter solstice 2012 simply up the ante on the earth changes and social decline we have been witn essing in the last few years? I don't know. But it does seem that we are creating a breakdown as a means to a breakthrough.

I remember Deepak Chopra saying a while ago that whomever a country chooses for its leader/president is a reflection of that country's collective consciousness. I believe this is true. As a US citizen, I am very concerned with the outcome of our next presidential election. In 9 days we will again chose between two ideologies which will define us and expose our state of consciousness. The race is close and the ideals very separate. The Republicans believe in the Individual's rights above all else, even at risk of the whole. The Democrats believe in the health of the whole, though if not kept in check, can slide into risking the individual. We must get to the place where we recognize that as MLK said, "if one of us suffers we all suffer," and I mean globally not just nationally. We are a whole and we are each an individual part of that whole. We cannot afford to give all our allegiance to money and goods and the rights of the individual, if it sacrifices the whole. This way is exhausted. The fact that the race seems close is evidence that we have not yet decided which way we will lean as a country. But if the end game is a Shift to Higher Consciousness, the means to get there could be decided in this presidential election. If we choose to ignore the whole, the sick, old, in-firmed, young, poor and less advantaged and only affirm the rich, powerful, healthy and advantaged, our route to a Shift - to wholeness, is a more difficult one.

Let me say that any one person, whether Democrat or Republican, can make a backward and un-evolved choice. I am not speaking for or against any one individual, but rather to the ideology of the critical mass and their choices. As individuals, we each one contribute to that whole and each of us needs to make decisions that continually move us in the direction of an easy and less cataclysmic transition into whole consciousness.

Am I saying that if we elect Mitt Romney that social and earth changes could cause a more dramatic and tumultuous Shift than if we reelect Barak Obama? Yes, I think that is very possible. However, many things are still possible. Obama could still not make good decisions for the whole and create nearly as desperate of a transition. Or it could be that no matter who we elect, our course is too deeply laid and our changes to little, too late. Or it could be that today (for tomorrow is too late) we all could wake up, embrace the 8 Keys of Transformation individually and see the earth and the others who walk beside us as reflections of ourselves uniting together in change.

At this late date, my hopes of uniting flee. As I watch a close presidential race, I see that we are so close and so far. We are at the moment of State Change. All possibilities are present at once, colliding into each other. We are both awakening and still asleep. What will it take to lead us to breakthrough? Will it take a breakdown? Will our new beginning be seen only through the lens of a painful ending? You tell me for I'd really like to know.

For now I believe it is prudent to prepare for a rocky ride. Prepare yourself and your family for major changes in our western systems - electrical, societal and monetary. Should things truly fall apart, city dwellers need to plan more. Learn as much as you can for unfortunately our affluent society has few skills that don't involve a credit card and a shopping center or a computer. Find your true friends and band together to prepare. Humanity's ability to survive and thrive has always depended on our ability to work together.

And last but not least, learn the 8 Keys to Transformation - written about in "The 100th Human - Countdown 2012" and the subsequent 5 booklets outlining the Keys (3 more coming soon) or at Read them, embrace them, find ways to integrate and to live them each day, each moment. The more of us who choose Purpose, Silence, Possibilities, Identity, Freedom, Unity, Gratitude and Breakthrough the better our collective future and the safer our transition into a Shift to Higher Consciousness.

In the days and weeks ahead leading up to December 21, 2012 I will be preparing myself, my family and my community for a new beginning, no matter the nature of the ending. I advise you each do the same.

Blessings to all,

Chris Fenwick

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