Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silent Challenge

I was happy that the first key was Purpose. This allowed me to get moving, blog and publish. If the first key had been Silence, I would not be so far along. Silence, or meditation, is difficult. I am not a monk or a guru. I am a woman with a very busy life and as much as I’d like to say otherwise, sitting down, quieting the mind and remaining present is not something I am very practiced at doing.

I want to be. I know I can be. I have done it before. I have had times in my past where I have been much better at meditating. I have great memories of deep silence,  peace and bliss. But the truth is, I am struggling with it right now. This of course, is proof positive that meditation is exactly what I need.

Meditation – finding the Silence, is not a spectator’s sport. It is a practice and it takes practice. In otherwords you have to DO IT and you have to DO IT regularly to see the best results. It takes a long while to get really good at it, but I can and do feel positive results every time I try. This reminds me not to put meditation into my TO DO list. It isn’t something you do and then mark it off your list. It is a life change and it can change your life.

This last week I meditated every morning just 10 minutes. The reality is, I found only a few moments in each session where I was truly present and peaceful. Yet, those few moments are worth the effort. They remind me of what is available to me if I am persistent. When thoughts come in the front of my mind, I recognize them. I try not to fight them; this only invites them to stay longer with the struggle. I try to simply walk them to the back door of my mind and send them on their way. I find if I do it long enough, I can wear my thinking mind out, let it rest, and Silence comes easier.

The challenge I have given myself: Can I find the silence inside of me? I encourage you to likewise challenge yourself.

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