Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Journey

Living on Purpose is a journey not a destination. We don’t find our “thing” and then do it happily for the rest of our lives. Well, most don’t, especially today. We change, life changes, everything changes. We can’t fight it, not happily. We can only recognize it and roll with it. Jobs come and go, vocations change, and we change our minds and our hearts regarding those jobs and vocations. To Live on Purpose is to accept, embrace and enjoy the changes. To Live on Purpose is to be present enough in each step of life to see, feel and appreciate where you are now. If we are present and following our right path, we will have moments of blissful purpose, times when our inner being flows out effortlessly creating something beautiful. We will also have moments of wandering or searching. In these moments, we must let go. If we stay present, avoid going into the past or predicting the future, our discomfort will ease. If we stay mindful and relaxed, we can remember that things change and a Life of Purpose is a journey not a destination.

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