Monday, January 28, 2013

Full of Gratitude Now

Gratitude is in the moment; in the moment is Gratitude. This means that if you are feeling thankful, content and peaceful; your are in the present moment. Also, if you are in the the moment, here and now and you stick with it, you will feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

A pure state of gratitude can enter our beings when we are fully in the moment. Getting to a state of gratitude takes mediation, dedication and commitment. But it doesn't need to be difficult.

If we sit for a while and open our awareness to all the blessings in our lives in any given moment, a powerful state of gratitude will overtake us and can wash over you with so many things to be thankful for, you can barely think keep track of them all. It can go something like what follows.

I am grateful for:

Warmth, clothing, fingers and toes, food and clean water, cushions to sit on, clean air, fire, sun light. Thoughts of clarity and thoughts muddled to make the clear ones all the better. Words, literature, knowing how to read and write. Instruments like pens and paper and ipads, keys and keyboards, pixels and computer chips. A house, a warm house, a quaint, cozy, comfortable warm house. Windows and doors, rugs and beds, pillows and towels. Hot water, hot showers, hot tea. Coffee from brazil. Orange juice from Florida or California. Potatoes from Idaho. Green beans from my back yard. Family, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces. Forefathers and foremothers, defenders and nurturers from days gone by. Friends and coworkers, support and laughter, pushing and pulling, talking and silence. Learning, and learning and learning. The internet. Brains and legs and arms and hands and feet. Socks and jackets and hats and gloves. Wood and trees and plants and vegetables. Winter snow, spring thaw, summer heat and fall breezes. Wine and beer and people to share it with. Wife, partner, friend. Music and movies and books and plays and paintings and crafts and things to do with our hands. Jobs and work to fill our days and remind us that we are creators. Green grass, flowers, bees and honey. ice and ice tea. Short winter days and long summer days. Pickup trucks, snow plows and good tires. Toilets and toilet paper. Cooking indoors and cooking outdoors. Cows and chickens and goats and pigs and horses and cats and dogs. Life and death and new life again. Beginnings and endings and new beginnings. Tears and chuckles. Peace and quiet. Love. Now.

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