Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19

Jack, Alana and Apu wake up in the cabin in the mountains of Colorado. They spend the morning in meditation and then turn their attention to the next symbol - which they learn from Rabbi Zimmerman at the synagogue in Denver is the Tetragrammaton. The Rabbi explains the powerful meaning of the 5th key: Identity.

We check in on Marie and her family, Melvin and Chuck and we also meet Ben and how each are affected by the 5th symbol.

Meanwhile, Nathan, a ruthless leader of the Veni Vicus have used Marie, Jack's ex-wife to find them and are closing in on the cabin in the mountains. When they return they have little time to escape and no escape routes.

They finally decide to use the four-wheelers that are in the shed out back, sneaking out the back door just before Nathan and his men come in the front door.

The trio barely escape with their lives into the cold, dark night into the hills. After many long cold hours, they find themselves at the cabin of Ida Hornberger who happens to be the gatekeeper for the 6th Key: Freedom from Fear. Ida explains how living in the moment is the only way to handle fear and realize true freedom. The symbol for this key is the ancient Amagi.

They finally rest for the night at Ida's cabin.

Have you thought about how your life is incorrectly identified with things? How can you change that?

When you are feeling fear, consider that you are either living in the past or the future. In this moment, you are free.

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