Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

As we get closer to the 21st, things begin to happen more quickly!

Apu, Jack and Alana head into Arches National Park with Rene and Fritz: the gatekeepers of the 3rd key: Infinite Possibilities!

The Veni Victus regroup.

Melvin is doing much better.

Marie's husband finally found a job.

We meet Chuck Adams - truck driver and widower.

The group heads east once more into Colorado, but the weather and road conditions don't cooperate and they are stranded in a blinding snow storm until Jake Jenkins: the gatekeeper for the 4th Key finds them. Jake reveals the importance of Unity consciousness with his wife Sally.

Late in the evening, they finally arrive at Apu's grandfather's cabin near Evergreen Colorado.

Can you think beyond what your life has been like and open to infinite possibilities? Does it make your heart feel any different?

We desperately need Unity Consciousness in our world now!

Which of these keys expands your heart and mind the most?

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