Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 14

Apu, Alana and Jack arrive in the US to find the Veni Victus there ahead of them. After a scare, they begin the process of figuring out the symbols and what they mean. Then head north to the Esalen Institute.

Meanwhile we get to know the leaders of the Veni Victus and their agenda.

Also we begin to meet some of the other characters which mark the power of discovering and adoption of the keys! Here we meet poor Melvin Cooper deep in his despair.

Finally, at the end of this long day Alana, Jack and Apu meet the next gatekeepers after Eligio: Sherman and Alice.

How can our gang help Melvin? Will Sherman and Alice really know what the first key means? How will that affect of friends and their mission? Will the Veni Victus catch up to them?

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