Tuesday, November 06, 2012

We are all made of the same stuff

We literally have the same subatomic particles in our cells that were in every other person on the planet. They travel to you and to me and around the whole earth entering and leaving every other person on the planet.

Our DNA is 99.9999% the same as everyone else’s DNA on this earth. We are the same far more than we are different. And yet it seems to be our differences that we get hung up on.

 We get obsessed with the outside appearance: color of skin, color of hair, shape of eyes or nose, height, width and general attractiveness. All of these are surface differences. We all love and learn, hurt and suffer, struggle and cry, laugh and smile, work and rest, live and die. We all were children and many of us grow up and become parents.

We all need to sleep and to eat and a shelter to protect us from the weather. We all need care when we are children and companionship when we are older. We all need work to busy our hands and rest to sooth our bodies and souls.

We all have blood flowing through our veins and oxygen flowing into our lungs. We all move around on the earth with feet or some times on wheels.

We are all sometimes vulnerable and sometimes impervious. We are sometimes weak and sometimes strong. We are all sometimes brave and sometimes not so brave. We are sometimes smart and sometimes dumb as a rock. We remember and we forget. We are right and we are wrong. We are okay and we are not okay. We are grateful and we want. We wander and we are on purpose. We talk and we are silent. We feel and we deny. We roam and we stay put.

In reality, everything that we dislike in the world we are also. And everything that we admire and aspire to become we are already inside.

So if we are all made of the same stuff and we each have and do the same things, we are not alone. We are never, ever, ever alone. We are together in this earthly adventure. What determines our experience in this adventure is how we see ourselves in the whole, how we embrace each other and what parts of ourselves we accept and which parts we focus on.

But no matter what, the truth is, we are all made of the same stuff.

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