Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unification through honesty

Our transgressions are never against our enemies but against the whole of humanity. When we sow discord, hatred and discrimination, or by creating blocks towards progress in an attempt to be "right;" we fail ourselves, each other and the whole. As we are successful at this strategy, we create more separation.

The only way forward is to admit our wrong doing. We must come back to the conversation and honestly admit our failure to embrace each other and our differences. If our dialog is honest and sincere, healing can begin. Through honest and deep conversation, the bonds that unite our hearts and minds are acknowledged, felt and restored. With healing comes power and creativity and progress.

We need to come back to the table, sane and willing to think and work and debate the important ideas and solve the incredible obstacles which stand before us. We need each other's perspective and love of our planet. In this new world we need each other. We may possibly never fully agree except on the fact that we are all here together. But we do not have to fully agree, we simply must respect each other, have compassion for one another and agree to come to the table open minded and willing to work it through. We must find a way to disagree together without demonizing each other.

And we must be brave enough to be open and vulnerable with each other. Our conversation must be from the heart, for only from the heart can we recognize each other and in that recognition, begin to heal. If we can do that, we can turn the corner together. We can create peace and prosperity for each other and the planet. United we move forward.

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