Sunday, November 18, 2012

The 100th Human

The 100th human affect (modeled after the 100th monkey effect) is a phenomenon in which behavior or thoughts spread rapidly from one person to another, or from one group to another, disregarding the distance between the two. It refers to an instantaneous shifting of ideas after a critical mass of people have adopted the idea. The 100th human is a representative number of the person who tips the whole in one direction or another. But the lead up to such tipping points can take a long time and can be very tumultuous.

In the mechanical world and in Newtonian physics a instantaneous shifting of ideas in the representative whole of people is impossible. But in the Quantum world it is not only possible, but probably. The deeper we look into the nature of reality the more we realize that there is no separation between things; we are all part of the same quantum field. 

But if we are all part of the same mass and we seem to be all pulling in multiple directions how do we ever make progress? The answer comes when we begin to reach consensus. When enough people believed that slavery was wrong, it began to fall apart. The end and rebirth of ideas often takes disagreement, and turmoil between those who agree and disagree. But when there is a critical mass shift in consciousness, when enough people get it, when the tide changes, everything begins to change. This is the way it is, this is the way it must be. 

Slavery in the western world is abolished. Inter-racial relationships are no longer illegal. Women are equal citizens. Soon no matter who you love, you will be free to marry. And very, very soon we will not debate whether climate change is real, but rather how to thwart it's effects on our civilization. I believe Hurricane Sandy provided the tipping point and now too many people have the idea, critical mass is being achieved and change is coming.

Spiritually we can also work to achieve a critical mass in thinking and being. We can shift to a higher, kinder, more understanding and compassionate and conscious people. It is happening. We are each the 100th human, that final critical being that breaks the bonds of suffering and makes these ideas more available to the rest of the planet. The rest of the whole. Today, choose to smile, be kind and positive. You have an effect. You are the 100th human.

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