Thursday, September 27, 2012

Freedom takes work

When we can control our thoughts our inner voices, our speech, and thus our emotions, we are truly free. Control is not a strong arm but rewrite process. All of those old tapes will persist unless we over-write them with more positive and transformative thoughts.

We can even over-writing of the past. You can not fight the old tapes you can only overwrite them. We can remake what the meanings are of past experiences. We can re-decide how we will think about them. We can create a new song, a new inner voice, a new pathway in the brain. Then we are free to repeat it over and over until it is the dominant thought and feeling. When these new thoughts and grooves in our brain are deep and well traveled, they become part of our makeup they become our identity. And when we recreate our identity, we are free and self-realized people.

"Right inner speech is essential. It is the greatest of arts. It is the way out of limitations into freedom. Ignorance of this art has made the world a battlefield where blood and sweat alone are expected, when it should be a place of marveling and wonder. Right inner talking is the first step in becoming what you want to be." -- Neville Goddard

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