Monday, March 12, 2012

You are also the Universe

In this morning’s meditation, I had two seminal thoughts. The first was that meditation was my opportunity to listen to the part of me that was bigger than me. I was reminded of the little “i” vs. the big “I.” Little i gets very caught up in every little thing that comes into my mind and into my day. It gets overwhelmed with the injustices in our modern lives. It is my ego, the actor – the part I play here during my life. But I also have a big I. This is the part of me that knows better, knows more and is connected to a wisdom that is not swayed or pulled by every situation. This is the director of the play. My big I knows the story from beginning to end and back again.

When I meditate and allow myself (little i) to listen and feel the presence of I, there is a peace and understanding that soothes and reassures me.

When I began to feel the presence of the big I this morning, I had the second important thought. My big I is not just the director of my play. I is also the producer, the owner of the theater, the parents of the owners, the planet that hosts all the plays, the space that holds that planet, and the whole universe.

This thought makes all the stress and problems of little i has change in perspective radically. It is not that these problems are not real or important or need to be dealt with. This is our role, this is our life. But we are also the Universe and everything will be okay, is okay and always will be okay.

Meditation can give us a few moments to listen and to remember that we are also the Universe!

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