Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bound by Expectations

We are often so tied up in expectations, freedom and clarity become very difficult. This morning during my meditation, I felt the expectations I had on myself and my quiet time. I expected inspiration. I expected silence and peace. I expected to know what to be, how to be and what to do.

As my mind wandered, I felt the constraints of others' expectations on me too: my co-workers, my boss, my place of employment. Then I felt the expectations of my family and community and finally of society. I surveyed the titles that I have piled onto my person; titles like mother, daughter, partner, woman, mature, co-worker, friend, hard worker, driven, manager, shipper, writer, teacher, and even meditator. With each title comes expectations. And the expectations of each one drives our thoughts and behaviors.

All those expectations are like ropes wrapping us up, tighter and tighter, making a few moments of peace and freedom seem like an impossibility.

So this morning, I peeled back the layers. I untangled the ropes one by one; taking off all the expectations of others and myself, of my time, my efforts and my very self. Until finally, I felt free to be. Just be – whatever, whoever, and however I wanted to be, without any expectations, for a moment.

The results are wonderful. For just a few moments, I was free to be.

Without putting any other thoughts (or expectations) into your mind, about what this feels like; I encourage you to try it for yourself.

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