Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012 New Year!

Seven years have passed since I first became fascinated with 2012 and now here it is. What will this year bring? Seven years seemed like a safe amount of time to be interested in (or reliant upon) an “end date.” Now that it is here, that reliance feels a little unreasonable. Will 2012 let me down? Will 2012 deliver all the world needs it to? All I need it to?

I doubt it. I scoff like you, at the end of the world predictions. But I do find myself hopeful that the real positive change we need in the world happens soon, maybe even this year. Experience tells me to be cautious. Do not invest so much, pull back, pull up, diversify your expectations. But part of me wants to bet the farm, go all in – let’s really go for the big shift – revolution- go radical and do what we have talked about, dreamed about and threatened.

In the end all of the mental gyrations are what is truly ridiculous. Things happen no matter what. Whether change will happen is not the issue. It will. It always does. What kind of change is the question.

The only way I will feel real change is if I change on the inside. I must shift first not the world around me. 2012 is an opportunity to change yourself – myself! How many times have I said this in the last seven years since the story of The 100th Human came to me? And yet, 2012 had to arrive before the reality has begun to bloom in my life.

So I am using this year as living, walking meditation, contemplating each key in order, asking myself what it means to me and attempting to embody it. Beginning with the first key, and its symbol which I now have tattooed on my wrist, I am really thinking about what Living on Purpose. How can I live on purpose? What does it really mean to me? Am I here doing and being what I came here to do and be? Am I leaving my mark on this world? These are difficult questions, but now is the time to ask and answer them.

2012 is about personal transformation and global change. The later can’t happen without the former. Begin this 2012 New Year with the intention and commitment to “be the change you want to see in the world,” and find out what Living on Purpose means to you!

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