Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thought Connections with Rick Smyre's Transformation Leadership

In the last few days, I have read Leadership in Transformation and The Three Triangles of Transformation by Rick Smyre. If you have noted that I am reading multiple articles by Rick, you’d be on target. Rick is a new friend and as you will read, I am finding his writings both thought-provoking and validating. I highly recommend you read Rick’s articles for yourself at Communities of the Future.

I have made many new thought connections with Rick’s writings and from within my own work and the work that I hope to do in the future.

In the following list, I present several of Rick’s thoughts and ideas and where those led me within my own work. I apologize for my representing Rick’s extensive and well-thought out writings in such a short and pithy idea list. However, as I read though the articles, I found my mind making quick and sometimes new links that were both fun and insightful, I tried to capture some of that process here.

1. Continuous Innovation – just this idea makes my heart sing. I have said more than once that innovation is one of my most favorite words. In my opinion, to introduce new ideas, methods and tactics is one of the most exciting gifts we have available to us. When contemplating our need for continuous innovation, I am reminded of how much I personally want to connect with others who consider this not only one’s life work but in actuality, a personality type or compulsion. However, as I stated in my last blog, we must always evaluate what we are creating. I, personally, can very well get caught up in the excitement of innovation itself without keeping my eye on the real goal of increasing, fostering and protecting our Quality of Life. Continuous Innovation within this framework is not only exciting but paramount to success in business, social change, educational advancements, political healing and moral equality but also in shifting the consciousness of the planet. (The 3rd Key = Infinite Possibilities)

2. Interdependence –this concept and its reality is in alignment with my beliefs and work. I think we are already dramatically and completely interdependent on each other. But since not everyone understands this, with the awareness can come change. How and what we think about dictates what we are feeling and what we are feeling dictates what we will do and how we will act. So as Einstein reminds us – Change your mind! (also linked to the 4th Key = We are One)

3. What is the Strategic Framework for the future? I believe that we can know what the future holds if we are consciously aware and connected to the place where all things reside. Especially, if you consider that “future” is an outdated construct in and of itself. Realities exist now, which one will we choose? This leads us to individual and collective choice. Now Rick’s point makes even more sense to me: We can not underestimate the power of many small groups connected and engaging in Generative Dialog. (i.e. Obama’s election to President)

4. The 8 Keys from “the 100th human” provide a strategic framework:
a. Living on Purpose – What is your place in the web of humanity?
b. Hearing the Silence – Find your Values, Quality and Connection to Life
c. Infinite Possibilities – All Innovation is possible; Emergence awaits us.
d. We are Connected – Interdependence is our natural state.
e. Correctly Identified – Find the Power, Creativity and Focus you need.
f. Free from Fear – In the moment, through connection, fear is replaced with faith, not in the unseen, but in what IS.
g. Gratitude’s Gift – Focus, and Transformative vocabulary can change your life.
h. Love’s Breakthrough – The magical moment exists in each of us – a continual change of state.

5. I believe the reason self-organizing and emergence works is due to the fact that we have within each of us the blueprint – like a hologram we each contain the picture of the whole. Complexity is human – an individual’s take on it, if you will. Complexity is one of the great gifts of humanity and yet one of our biggest challenges also – the grand experiment. Paradoxically, so in simplicity, which is also our connection to the divine.

6. Creating capacities and context for change -environments where people can come to their own conclusion of change. This is an interesting prospect – this assumes a certain amount of personal integrity on each individual’s part. I am not saying I disagree, just wondering if the soil is barren for some reason or other, if a seed and sunshine and water are enough. Though we may all have the whole imprinted on our souls, some may have been poisoned. I am not one to believe in evil, per se. More, I think that there are those who have chosen a difficult path, and in that process, teach us what only defiance, distraction and deviance can teach us… Still, creating the environments is worthy - especially for those who can receive and grow – creating capacities for transformation – isn’t this what the whole story of “the 100th human” is about? (The 8th key – Love’s Breakthrough) This is what I consciously choose to be about everyday.

7. I believe whole heartedly in the transformation from duality to convergence – though I see and believe it merits and inevitability; I wonder at how long this might take. I see how much we still learn from duality. Its death is imminent but is it at hand? Your thoughts are welcome…

8. Mapped for Good – an organization I have been working on – visual concept mapping - innovation at a Human Design level – the conceptualization in pictures of ideas and connections – a living, dynamic strategic framework. “If you can see it, you can do it.” In this case, would not seeing also be “seeding?”

9. State of Change in America – blog I wrote last October – not new, but more evidence of how in sync some of Rick’s ideas are with mine.

10. As I see it, the biggest hurtle on the way to Transformational Change is Fear. Fear can and will cripple the possibilities for our future. I have seen it again and again. Where we still trust in superstitions, fear will get the better of us. We must have a personal connection to what is true, real, eternal, love, god, silence, unified field, consciousness, or whatever you want to call it. Only in this connection can we venture out of fear. Bravery alone will not move the whole (6.8 billion of us). It is in this connection that we find faith to move the mountains we have made for ourselves. Within the core of this connection is a shift in focus – it is fundamental. Within this connection we can see our own representation of the whole picture, at this point emergence, Transformation can and must happen.

11. The time elapse between Ridicule and Intuitive Agreement (Rick outlines 3 steps in the Natural Journey of a New Idea: Ridicule, Antagonistic Response, Intuitive Agreement) is directly proportional to the level of pressure and heat applied. In other words, Pain and Pleasure. We will always seek to avoid pain and increase pleasure. How we associate these differ. But find those personal or universal touch points and change can happen more rapidly. There are definable patterns in the complexity – and some of them aren’t so weak ;)

12. I have to echo Rick’s thoughts on Cooperation versus Collaboration!

“Cooperation is based on the idea that different groups decide what are their goals and objectives, and then come together to determine the commonalities of their needs and programs of work.

Collaboration occurs when people come together before they start to define their needs and objectives, and develop them together. In so doing, they reflect an understanding that, in a constantly changing world that is increasingly complex and interaction, ‘we need to help each other succeed.”

Cooperation is fulfilling only for the short term and in comparison to environments without cooperation. Collaboration, on the other hand, feeds the soul(s)!

13. Identify early adopters and bring together in small groups. I love this. You can NOT underestimate the power of many small groups engaging in generative dialog! Creative Conversations – personal dialog that emits energy and invokes action – my most favorite pastime! How do you translate this into a job that pays the bills? Anyone?

Brava Rick! I fully enjoyed this process. I hope it is not too cryptic, if so, please read Rick Smyre’s articles at Communities of the Future and see where your thoughts take you!

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