Monday, February 16, 2009

Drowning the old story

Change can happen but you have to be ACTIVE to make real change. The old stories continually play in our minds, our hearts and our lives. The ideas and the meaning we make up for past events can color present and future events. They can cloud our decisions and hinder our progress. Barack Obama titled his book the "Audacity of Hope." I believe that it takes audacity to make real change, especially the types of change we desperately need now. And that audacity inherently leads us to action. Seth Godin's new book, "Tribes" is a great inspiration for all of us who have danced around the idea of being a leader, but never fully embraced what that would really mean; mostly out of fear. Seth says, "The idea that wins is the one with the most fearless heretic behind it." WOW. That is a good swift kick in the pants. How many times have we whined about having great ideas that never go anywhere? How many times have we seen others take our ideas and run with them? How many times have we sat idly by, following what another thought was a good idea.

So in order to lead with new ideas, ideas that the world is craving, we must be audacious, heretical and inventive. But mostly we must be fearless. We must drown out the old story and actively replace it, sometimes moment to moment, with a new one! And that new story must be compelling, and innovative and emotional and applicable in order for us to believe it, and state it, and then to live it with passion. I am aware of my fears. They might be different from yours, but I bet they aren't too different. For me, I'm just sick and tired of fighting with them. I wrestle with them until I am too exhausted to do anything anyway. Enough.

It's time to make a new story. All the pain that we associate to doing the thing we fear most is now, in my mind, going to be associated to the very idea of NOT moving forward, changing or leading. No more hiding - hiding is now unsafe - embracing the thing, the people, or the change is safer! I have the audacity inside of me - it is time to give it the action it deserves.

Afraid to fail? Now failure is what you crave - because failure is absolutely necessary to succeed and the more you fail the closer you are to success.
Afraid to succeed? Now success is the only option, not giving it your whole, is like basting your soul over an open flame, until it is burnt and black.
Afraid to stand up? Now sitting or lying down is so painful that your very joints will ache, by standing (both figuratively and literally) you enliven your whole being.
Afraid of People? Now people are your passion, serving them your life, adding to their world your destiny. To shy away and not connect is so painful, so lonely, so dark and cold, that you can never choose it again.
Afraid of Heights? Now to soar through the air, to climb high, to scale the highest peak is like breathing - necessary to life. To stay low and flat is the same as being buried alive.

What are you afraid of? Change the meaning. Create a new story. Imagine it, embellish it. Write it down. Make it big! Then with audacity, with action, with passion embrace it with every ounce of your being. Because this world is so very ready for your ideas! They are demanding them, now!

Stop getting so good at following, begin learning how to lead. Start by drowning the old story and becoming a heretic - and a fearless leader!

What are your ideas???


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