Thursday, February 05, 2009

8 Keys Daily Prayer

On Wednesday of this week the Sunbury Press Team was fortunate enough to work with nationally acclaimed author and professional coach Trina Hoefling by telephone. Trina ( has helped businesses and executives around the country achieve a higher level of team effectiveness and overall success. This is one more way that Sunbury Press is stepping up our efforts in business and attempting to stay in alignment with the 8 keys from our bestseller, "the 100th human" ( We don't want to just deliver the message we want to live it.

During this coaching session, Trina was directing us on setting our intentions and staying focused. As part of that conversation, it was clear that daily mantras or prayers can be helpful in creating an atmosphere of clearity and synergy that fuels the actions of the day. It occured to me that the keys were prime for such a prayer. So I put this together for myself and offer it to you all.

Blessings today and everyday as we attempt to change ourselves and in so doing change the world!




Today, in this moment, I intend:
1. To Live my life on Purpose,
2. To Seek out the Silence that breathes life into all things,
3. To Open my awareness to All Possibilities,
4. To Honor my Connection to All People,
5. To Stay Identified with God and not the things of this world,
6. To Be in the Moment and not let the past or future create Fear in my mind and heart,
7. To Feel Grateful for all the Blessings I receive everyday, and
8. To Remain Humble and Surrender myself to the Healing, Knowing and Power of Love - that God is.

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WONDERFUL, I'm printing it.