Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You're Astonishing

You're Astonishing,
How dare you waste it.
You have the power to change everything. To create remarkable differences in our world. To deliver. To be the best in the world.
How dare you squander your resources by spreading yourself too thin.
How dare you settle for mediocre just because you're busy coping with too many distractions in your life, racing the clock to fit them all in.
The lesson is simple: If you've got as much as you've got, use it. Use it to become the best in the world, to change the game, to set the agenda for evereyoone else. You can only do that by marshaling all of your resources to get through the biggest Dip. In order to get through that Dip, you'll need to quit everthing else. If it's not going to put a dent in the world, quit. Quit and use that void to find the energy to assault the Dip that matters.
Go ahead, make something happen. We're waiting!

From the little book: "The Dip" by Seth Godin.

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